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Birmingham, Alabama is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Known as the Paris of the South, the city is a melting pot of races and cultures. Birmingham is the second largest metropolitan area in the state of Alabama. With more than a half million residents, it is also a bustling metropolis with regard to industry, education, healthcare, retail shopping, sporting events, cultural attractions, restaurants and other attractions. Birmingham is home to many famous statues and monuments. Birmingham is known for its Birmingham Iron Plant. The plant manufactures iron for railroad tracks throughout the United States. Many of the trains that leave Birmingham for other parts of the country make their way through on iron rails. At one point, seven trains came through at once, carrying passengers who were on their way to the west coast or to the Gulf of Mexico. Jefferson Davis was the second United States President after Washington. In Montgomery, you can find a Jefferson Davis statue. The bronze statue of the first president of the United States is located near the airport. A statue of General Robert Lee is also located in the city. A Civil War memorial called Thomas Jefferson plaque is also located near downtown Birmingham. Birmingham is home to a few notable statues too. Jim Lane was a famous singer and entertainer. His statue is found near the airport. His wife, Grace Kelly is also an entertainer who had a lot of hits in the early part of her career. Another statues of notable people that are found in Birmingham are that of Martin Luther King Jr., top executives at&T and Robert Kennedy. Birmingham is also the home of many powerful institutions. Alabama photographBirmingham is the University of Alabama. The Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center is a major attraction for people in the southern state of Alabama. The convention center has an exhibit that features civil rights battles from the past. Birmingham is also the site of the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center has a world class museum that showcases civil rights history. The Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center has a world-class entertainment center complete with multiple stages and more than one million square feet of space. There are many great restaurants as well as bars inside the convention center.

Beyond the Convention Center

Outside of the convention center, there are over two hundred shops, clubs and restaurants. These great establishments have a combined capacity of nearly one hundred thousand people. This great number of visitors make Birmingham one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Birmingham is also the site of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Birmingham Botanical Garden has a world class zoo that houses twenty-four species of mammals as well as many exotic reptiles and birds. There are also more than one hundred plant species that are included in this beautiful garden. Birmingham is home to the Birmingham Zoo and Sea World. There are many statues in Birmingham, Alabama that have a great deal of meaning for the people of this area. This includes the Jefferson Davis Statue that is located just outside of the park where the former President of the United States lived. Other statues include those of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis that are known for their historical significance. Statues re-creationThe Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center has a statue of Jefferson Davis that is known for its beauty as well as its history. Another great statue that is part of this location is the one of Martin Luther King, Jr. which is known as the first major leader of the civil rights movement in America. There is also a statue of the Tenneesee Monroe, who was the first black local politian. All of these statues are quite beloved by the residents of Birmingham. There is even a statue of T.C. Allgood that is located right in front of the Birmingham airport. T.C. Allgood is a famous Birmingham photographer that served as a part of the civil rights movement. This famous photo of T.C. Allgood has become known as a symbol of courage during those famous protests and sit ins. Birmingham is quite loaded with both historic and contemporary statues that can be found all over the city. If you are looking for a specific statue that you know will remind you of a specific time in Birmingham, you can search the internet to find it. There are many sites that offer information on Birmingham statues and if you do not see what you are looking for there are many forums that have information on statues as well. Take some time and enjoy the beauty that is Birmingham, Alabama.