Chaco Canyon: Chocolate is a Sugary Food Discovery

In Mexico, cocoa, which is processed into a bitter beverage utilized in spiritual and other routines, is more than 1,200 miles south. Using organic residue analyses, the Crown determined traces of cocoa in the soil at more than 1,000 websites in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Traces of chocolate, cocoa powder and other trace compounds were likewise discovered in cylinders and glasses discovered at the website of the ancient city of Chaco Canyon, about 60 miles south of Mexico City. In 2020, published by UNM Press, "Chaco Canyon: Chocolate or cocoa from the Chaco Valley, "a book by Crown and the University of New Mexico School of Archaeology. The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology at UNM is located on the campus of the University of New Mexico School of Archaeology at Chaco Canyon. In 2009, he observed a drinking vessel discovered at the website of a Mayan event in the kind of an ancient chocolatier and a chocolate bar. Hurst evaluated 5 pottery shards, 3 of which verified his hypothesis of a chocolatier and a chocolate bar from Chaco Canyon. He tested 2 of the 22 pieces, one from each site, and offered the crowns to the University of New Mexico School of Archaeology to evaluate. Scientists from the University of New Mexico determined a similar residue analysis on fragments of chocolatiers and chocolate bars from the Chaco Canyon. Similar residue analyses revealed the existence of the very same chemical compounds in the chocolate bars along with in other artifacts at the website.

Anasazi - Navajo Connection

Dr. Smith is not a believer. Nor does he think that he is the sole beneficiary of the cultural heritage of Chaco, however rather the result of a long and complex relationship between the Pueblo individuals of the area and the Anasazi. Blackhorse's master narrative stems straight from Navajo oral history, and the Chaco is the outcome of a long and complex relationship in between the Pueblo and Anasazi peoples. Instead, the 2 argue and argue over who is a "chaco" and who are the "anasazis. " The Navajo developed and built the Chaco as Lex Luthor - villain who originated from the South and shackled the Navajo up until they triumph.Anasazi - Navajo Connection 7631310132224813.jpg The Chaco Canyon seems to be at the center of all this, as we discover numerous roadways to and from the Chaco that are connected to it. At a time when most Europeans lived in thatched huts, the Anasazi, a group of about 1,000 to 2,500 individuals, resided in the mountains of the Pueblo. There is evidence that a couple of thousand Anasazi Indians formed a political, religious, and economic empire covering much of the Southwest, stretching from Colorado, Utah, and Arizona to Arizona. The trade paths led as far as Central America and there were a range of products that the majority of Southwest Indians used for spiritual rituals.