Examining Chaco Canyon, Architectural Heart Of The 4 Corners

Archaeological excavations in Pueblo Bonito revealed that the Chaco culture thrived between 800 and 1250 ADVERTISEMENT. Lots more "Chacoan" settlements grew in what is now San Juan County in New Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley. During their prime time, the ancient Chacoans developed much of the structures called "big houses" in Chico Canyon. These buildings are referred to as the "Chaco World," which included a vast array of architectural designs such as stone, wood and stone - and stone. According to the National Forest Service, the cultural heyday of the Chacoans started in the mid-19th century and lasted more than 300 years. Pueblo Bonito has a comparable significance to the Chico Canyon, one of the most important historical sites in New Mexico. The canyon is located at the mouth of the Chaco River, about 30 miles north of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although it contains a historical site of unprecedented size in the region, it is just a small piece of the huge, interconnected area that formed the Khakoic civilization. Sometimes, the residents erected massive stone buildings or big, multi-storey homes in which hundreds of rooms were housed. On a smaller scale, there are a a great deal of smaller stone structures in and around the canyon, as utilized by the occupants of the Pueblo Bonito and other ancient civilizations.

Bears Ears Discovery: Chacoan Great Roadways

The heart of Chaco Canyon depends on the intermittent "Chaco Wash," which runs east - southeast to west - northwest along the San Juan River and after that north to south through the canyon. The north side of the canyon consists of towering sandstone cliffs topped by large, slippery balconies. The south side is less significant, but the scale of the Chaco world is even higher, stretching as far as the San Juan River and the Rio Grande Valley. Big homes are located on the north and south sides along with on the east and west sides. The 2,500-square-kilometer research study area lies in between the San Juan River and the Rio Grande Valley in the southern part of the Chaco Canyon area.