Ancient North Americans Drank Chocolate

Scientists know of the earliest usage of chocolate in Mesoamerica as part of a routine involving a liquid drink made from cocoa beans dating back more than 1,000 years. Remains of chocolate left in ancient glasses mark the first evidence of its early existence in what is now Mexico. The remains, discovered during excavations in a large pueblo called Puebla Bonito, show that the practice of drinking chocolate reached Mexico and the American Southwest about 1,000 years earlier from what is now the border with the United States.Ancient North Americans Drank Chocolate 86953326342.jpg Chaco Canyon residents obviously consumed chocolate from cylinders thousands of years earlier, but scientists now think a comparable ritual may have taken place in the village itself. That's according to a paper released this week in PNAS by researcher Dorothy Washburn of the University of Pennsylvania and her colleagues. Crown has long been captivated by ceramic cylinders unearthed in Pueblo Bonito in the Chaco Canyon, which he researched as part of his research study into the history of the United States Southwest. Structure on Crown and Hurst's findings, she analyzed a collection of ceramic fragments from the historical website of Puleo in Blanding, Utah, in 2016.

Chaco Canyon: The Ancient Ruins Of New Mexico

Another method to experience the Chaco Culture National Historical Park is when unique trips and events take place off the regular schedule. Go to see the remains of Pueblo up close, check out the park's huge program to find a mix of science and history, or drive to the ancient houses. The museum and visitor center of the town houses a variety of artefacts of the Pueblaan ancestors who called this location house. If you leave your bike behind, there are plenty of walking opportunities in the park without having to worry. Let us understand what makes this park a must-see - have a look at the place by leaving a comment on our Facebook page or sending us an email!